Frequently Asked Questions and Terms of Service.

Here is a list of the Frequently Asked Questions and Our Terms of Service. If you can not find your answer here please feel free to contact us using the form below.

Q: How much will the books cost after they are published?

A: All book prices will be set at the time of publishing, it is anticipated that the books will retail in the range of £12.95 to £19.95

Q: How much will they be sold to the co-author for?

A: Once the book is published, the co-author will receive two (2) complimentary books and shall be granted a 40% discount off the retail price of the first 15 copies of the Work for any copies purchased and 25% discount on any subsequent copies. The Contributor may sell the book to their clients at full retail price of their choice

Q: Do you have a deadline when we can get them published?

A: DCP will endeavour to work hard to market the book titles to the best of our ability. However, we cannot guarantee how long any book will take. We aim to update the co-authors on progress. The minimum number of authors is 15. If the book does not reach the minimum number of authors, the co-author will be given the option of a transfer to another book that is almost full, if the co-author decides not to accept the transfer then a refund will be offered less 20% upfront costs..

Q: Who is an Affiliate and How does this work?

DCP thrives on introductions. We would love you to introduce someone to us and if they buy a product  (chapter or otherwise) and the their chapter is published. You will receive 35% off the price that they pay to us. for example if you introduce Mary to us. Mary goes ahead and pays to write a chapter, all the checks are done and we publish her chapter, you will receive 35% of the price that Mary paid to write her chapter. Click our affiliate link to register. Please note that this is where your affiliate relationship with us regarding Mary ends. You can not take ownership of that introduction.  

Q: Can DCP decline a story because it is of poor quality and if its off topic? 

A: The CPE and authorized agents will review co-author’s documents and can delete or slightly alter wording (with track changes) to create a “flow” throughout the book. The co-author shall be notified of any amendments,  will have the opportunity to review the final proof and approve for before Publication. The co-author will be allowed a maximum of two minor reviews of the proof. The aim is to allow the author to tell their story and teach something while ensuring that the book is of the highest quality possible. DCP work with a team of expert proofreaders and editors and will make every effort to work with the authors to produce a great book. 

Q. What percentage of royalties will the co-author receive and for how long?

A: Once the book has been published, the author shall receive a 2% royalties of the Adjusted Net price (less distributor and retailer’s discounting) of the chapter, with the royalty being paid at the end of each year for five years by Diverse Cultures Ltd following the publication of the book.

Q: Where do you stand on Equality and Refusal to Work with Abusive Authors?
The DCP and all associate reserve the right to terminate a relationship with an author who is proved to be abusive and disrespectful to the team or to other authors. DCP adhere to the UK Equality Act of 2010. We do not discriminate any grounds as long as the author abides by our terms.

Q: How do we distribute and market the books?

A: DCP will distribute the books through major resalers including Amazon.  The co-authors will also be able to do their own marketing and sell their books at their events. The co-authors will be able to buy their books at a special wholesale price and then resale them at a price tag of their own choice.

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