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How Co-Authoring with Diverse Cultures Publishing Works

We provide opportunities for people who have something to share or teach other but for whatever reason don't want to write alone. We facilitate a seamless journey by helping co-author chapters in books. We are taking bookings for the five titles featured below. Here is how it works;

  • Select this book. 
  • Decide and select your payment option; You can either pay in one instalment of £237.00 (British Pounds) or pay in three instalments of £87.00. 
  • Are you struggling to come up with the title for your chapter? Can't you decide your chapter title? No problem, Amina will help you!
  • Write 10 to 15 pages per chapter including any illustrations.
    Send the completed chapter final draft to us.
  • Submit a one-page profile of yourself which will be used as an introduction at the start of your chapter.
  • Also submit a professional looking head-shot of yourself, this will go to your profile page in the book and on the back page together with other co-authors for your book. 
  • When we have the right numbers mainly 15 to 20 people depending on the number of pages per chapter submitted. We will compile the book, work with our editor and proof readers.
  • Then we will send you any adjustments to your chapter for your approval.
  • When everyone is happy, we will get the book published in high-quality paperback and e-book format.

Subscribe to write your chapter in this book, and you will enjoy the following:


  • Leave a legacy for future generations.
  • Become a published author and add it to your title
  • Receive royalties from the sale of your book
  • Purchase copies at a reduced price from us
  • Use your chapter as your speaking topic.
  • Leverage the power in numbers and make friends with other authors and their clients.


  1. Have your profile featured on our Website (free advertising for you)
  2.  A feature in our monthly Magazine ‘The Happily Imperfect LeaderTM’
  3. For a limited time only, you will also receive a free ticket to our Leadership Live: A Prestigious Two-Day Mastery and Networking Event.

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