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Pushing Through Fear, Stereotypes and Imperfections.

Author: Amina Chitembo


Launched 22 Dec 2017 Order Here

Profitable Teams: How to Increase Productivity and Profits Through Coaching.

Author: Amina Chitembo


Online Launch TBC May 18 Pre-Order Here

The Serious Player's Decisive Business Start-up Guide.

Author: Amina Chitembo


Launched 11 March 2017 Order Here

The Perfect Migrant: How to Achieve a Successful Life in Diaspora.

Author: 11 Co-authors


Online Launch 25 May 18 Pre-Order Here

Other Books Co-Authored by Amina

Edited by Linda Ellis Eastman and Published by Professional Woman Publishing, USA. Co-authors include Amina Chitembo and 63 other women Expert Coaches, Consultants and Trainers. 

Madam CEO: How to Think and Act Like a Chief Executive


Released on 15 December 2011

What's the Difference? Embracing Diversity & Inclusivity



Released: 1 September 2013

How to Break the Glass Ceiling Without A Hammer: Career Strategies for Women


Released on 12 August 2011

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