Write Your Book Now in 12 months or less

Join me now, and you will get: 

Coaching call with me (Amina) twice a month.

(For the first six months maximum unless otherwise agreed).

1.    Writing masterclass

2.    Editing masterclass

3.    Marketing masterclass

4.    Launch masterclass

5.    Publishing Platforms masterclass

6.    Profiting from your book

7.    Scaling up masterclass

Plus everything in the Standard Package 

Weekly Ideas email on:

1.    Writing tips,

2.    Publishing trends,

3.    motivation and pointers.

4.    Websites and leads

5.    Private Facebook group

and everything in the Gold: Work on Your Own

5 weeks/ Module Online Course

1.    How to write a book that will teach and attract readers.

2.    Marketing and selling your book

3.    Build your list of readers

4.    Getting reviews

5.    12 months Monthly support email

Plus BONUSES,  you will get the following: 

  • Book cover design to make you smile
  • Final typesetting and formatting (after your final edit we will get your file ready to publish).
  • Get platform advice and category analysis (we will suggest the most suitable for your book)
  • Extra secret weapons from my mentors and other industry experts at no cost to you.  

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