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Our vision is to see  everyone who has been told they can't write, to defy the odds and become a published author and international speaker We work with the happily imperfect Leaders!

What we do...

We provide co-authoring opportunities for people who have something to share or teach others, but for whatever reason don't want to write alone. We facilitate a seamless journey by helping co-author chapters in books. We are taking bookings for the five titles featured below

Our books are all non-fiction personal and professional development based. The all fall within three series; Leadership, Transformation, and Diversity series. 

You will need to make a payment for your chapter to secure your slot, we are down to the last few places. Scroll to learn how the process works.

Celebrating Diversity

Sharing Positive Stories of Migration Around the World

Diversity Series

The power of celebrating diversity of people around us, and learning more about what makes us unique and makes the world a better place, rather than what separates us is paramount to civilisation. Are you able to share your positive experiences of your migration around the world? It could be, places you have lived, what you feel makes the diversity great or anything new you want to teach someone who may not have the same views as you. You may just change lives and create a positive environment at this crucial time of world change. This is great book for you. Would you like to write your chapter in this book?

This book is now full and out End of August 2018


How to Be Your Own Boss!

Leadership Series

There is a leader in all of us! If you want to share how you lead on a project, task or area in your life and share the lessons you learnt through your journey to becoming your own boss. This book is for you. Would you like to write your chapter in this book?

To write a chapter in this book, Click here to proceed to payment options

The Perfect Migrant

How to Achieve a Successful Life in Diaspora

Diversity Series

An intriguing and captivating anthology from people you do not habitually associate with the term ‘migrant’. The authors of the Perfect Migrant share experiences, twists, and turns of their journeys and their efforts to make a positive contribution. The book blasts the myth of the perfect migrant and highlights sheer strength and determination.

Written by; Beatrice Hofmann, Charity Ngungi-Latz, Laura Tinzoh, Dr. Gianluca Zanini, Angelinah Boniface, Pamela Mahaka, Clara Meierdierks, Lucy Oyubo, Lwiza Mulenga, and Rod Khleif.


How Co-Authoring with Diverse Cultures Publishing Works

  1. Select the book that appeals to your chapter topic from the book titles in the current list
  2. Click on the link to read more and select your Payment Option. You have the option of paying the full chapter amount in one instalment or over 3 instalments over 3 consecutive months.  We take debt card, credit card or PayPal payments. Money transfers will only be accepted under extenuating circumstance and only is full payment is being made.
  3. You will then receive a confirmation email and login details to your book membership section, where you will be able to download the contract and a template to complete your profile.
  4. You will receive a separate confirmation email with login details to your book membership section, where you will be able to download the contract and a template to complete your profile.
  5. Read and sign the contract, return it to us within two weeks to the [email protected] We will sign this and send you your fully signed copy.
  6. Download the profile template from your membership site. Complete it sharing information you would like people to know about you, your business or profession and how they can contact you. Return it back to us with a professional looking colour portrait. This will go into your profile page in the book. The photo will also be placed on the back cover of your book together with all the other co-authors and on the back. 
  7. You can then start your writing Journey. Come up with the title for your chapter, can’t decide your chapter title? No problem, we will help you. Write 10 to 15 pages per chapter including any illustrations.
  8. Write 10 to 15 pages per chapter including any illustrations. Send the completed chapter final draft to us.
  9. Send the completed chapter final draft to us. When we have the right numbers mainly 15 to 20 people depending on the number of pages per chapter submitted. We will compile the book, work with our editor and proof readers.
  10. When we have the right numbers mainly 15 to 20 people depending on the number of pages per chapter submitted. We will compile the book, work with our editor and proof readers. Then we will send you any adjustments to your chapter for your approval.
  11. Then we will send you any adjustments to your chapter for your approval.
  12. When everyone is happy we will get the book published in high-quality paperback and e-book format.

Benefits of Co-authoring

You will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Leave a legacy for future generations.
  • Become a published author and add it to your title
  • Receive royalties from the sale of your book
  • Purchase copies at a reduced price from us
  • Use your chapter as your speaking topic.
  • Leverage the power in numbers and make friends with other authors and their clients.

Co-Author Concept Explained



  1. Have your profile featured on our Website (free advertising for you)
  2. A feature in our Podcast ‘The Happily Imperfect LeaderTM’
  3. Get a chance to win a free ticket to our conference..

"As business owners, we were juggling work and 3 girls. It was all getting tiring, managing time and staff was not easy and the business was starting to suffer. Amina came in and helped us develop an easy plan than that help us to turn things around, she helped us understand and identify where the problems were. Taught us how we can use our time better and some simple techniques which have improved our energy and help us to perform better in the business, and it’s now grown to be a well-known brand in West Sussex with tables booked every weekend and some week nights. She is a great trainer and coach. She also has a very supportive and responsive team. We now tell everyone, that Amina is the go-to place for high performance training. Give her a go and let the results speak for themselves. You won’t regret it!"

Mr and Mrs Chowdhury
Owners of Little Magna Restaurant, West Sussex

"I started working with Amina in 2007 when my confidence level was at its lowest. She took me under her wing and took time to teach and mould me into the person I am today. Through her mentorship and coaching. I learnt to believe in myself and that it is only me who can shape up my future and my destiny. She taught me and gave me the opportunity to lead, coordinate, manage projects and apply for funding for projects. Since then I have gone on to achieve what other people may perceive as impossible. I have now obtained a Master’s Degree in Development Studies and a BS Hons in Occupational Therapy. Amina has taught me how to aim high and achieve my dreams despite all the struggles I have gone through. I am a Manager in my job, something I never thought was possible. She still mentors, coaches and motivates me reminding me that only I, can stop myself from progressing in my career. If you are stuck and need someone who can give you the confidence and tools to move forward. Amina is now like a big sister to me and my #1 resource for learning leadership and management. You get everything you need to start from the basics and transition into a high performing leader. The best part for me was to learn how to delegate, influence and persuade so that I get the best out of the people around me. Amina is very professional and I would certainly recommend working with her."

Pamela Mahaka
Occupational Therapist, West Midlands

"I have been working with Amina for over 5 years now. She has not only changed my way of thinking but my attitude towards life too. She is a great trainer and coach; she is a High Performer who uses unique tools to help her clients to achieve their goals. Her courses are laid in such an easy to follow way but offer great depth."

Hanna Moore
CEO/ Realtor, Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

"We are thrilled to have received £10,000 fund from Big Lottery Fund as it will enable us to make a bigger difference to our community. We believe this project will help reduce isolation, improve health and wellbeing and increase participation of parents and their children in the community where they live. A very special thank you to our coach consultant, Amina Chitembo, for the expert guidance on the application process, guidance and training of our leadership team."

Faustina Young
Chair/Founder Hampton Tiddlers, Peterborough, UK

"Hi Amina, As an editor who has worked on many books, I must confess that I was greatly impacted by your book. Thank you. It great, I now understand that having financial stability or money available has so many advantages in helping maintain good mental health, It has also helped me by giving me a better bargaining power when opportunities come. I was greatly inspired by the way you managed the challenges you had and still stand on your feet and more. I've never considered the usefulness of a life coach but after going through your book, I hope to try it soon. I picked up so much from the book. :). I can’t wait to read it again when I am not looking for errors "

Zoe M
Book Editor, Fiverr.com

"As a recently appointed CEO, I can attest to the value of the Future CEO program. Excellent group discussions and consistent, high-quality guest speakers under the guidance of David Gilbert have provided knowledge and insight on wide ranging topics that support my success in professional life."

Pat Moulton
CEO West Midlands.


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